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The stress-filled lives of working mothers challenge the status quo--and the culture of overwork.
The Supreme Court’s new retaliation decision is a victory for working women everywhere.
Stanford’s new “family friendly” policy for graduate students reinforces outmoded gender stereotypes.

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Ms. Fishman is available for advice, counseling and representation of women facing gender discrimination in academic employment, as well as expert assistance to attorneys handling such cases. If interested in setting up an appointment, please send an e-mail briefly describing the situation for which you seek assistance.

Ms. Fishman is also a gifted speaker, making complex legal issues accessible to a wide variety of audiences. She has received rave reviews for her passionate presentations on glass ceiling discrimination, stereotypes, cognitive bias, work/​family conflict, and other developments in employment law, before lawyers and judges, academics, policy-makers and the general public. She is available to convene panel presentations, as well as individual speaker engagements.

Ms. Fishman often writes commentary on gender issues for the general public. Her writing focuses on the status of women in the workplace, developing a better understanding of the mechanisms which sustain discrimination, overcoming the influence of stereotypes on the career paths of women and minorities, and promoting equal opportunity for individuals to succeed and advance in the workplace. Her work has been widely published on-line and in print media, including the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, Women's E-news, Common Dreams, Academe, Inside Higher Ed, and Today's Workplace. She has been a regular columnist for the Los Angeles Daily Journals, and a blogger for Workplace Fairness. She is a founder, editor and co-chair CELA VOICE, the blog of the California Employment Lawyers Association. She is available for writing assignments tailored to both mainstream media and special interest publications.

To reach Ms. Fishman, contact:

Charlotte Fishman
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