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Educating Attorneys, Policy Makers and Others

"Tips for Influencing the Public Dialogue -- Lessons Learned from the First Year of CELA VOICE: Promoting Fairness and Equity in the Workplace," National Employment Lawyers Association Annual Affiliate Leadership Workshop & Forum, Boston, MA June 25, 2014.


"Bias 2.0 & Summary Judgment," National Employment Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO June 27 2013.


"Cutting Edge Issues in the Law of Bias: Making the Causal Connection," National Employment Lawyers Association Seminar Atlanta, GA October 12-13, 2012.


"Navigating the Supreme Court's Shifting Standards of Causation in Employment Discrimination Cases: Proving 'Motivating Factor' Liability in the Wake of Staub v. Proctor Hospital," National Employment Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA June 22, 2012.


"Unconscious Bias in Discrimination Cases," Alameda County Bar Association Second Annual Employment Law Symposium, Oakland, CA September 30, 2011.


"Does the Stray Remarks Doctrine Have a Future?" American Law Institute-American Bar Association (ALI-ABA) Current Developments in Employment Law Seminar, Santa Fe, NM July 30, 2011.


"Right On or Gone Astray? Reid v. Google and the Future of "Stray Remarks" in California," Santa Clara County Bar Association, San Jose CA November 16, 2010.


"Representing Plaintiffs in Pregnancy Discrimination Cases," National Employment Lawyers Association Annual Convention, Rancho Mirage, CA June 26, 2009.


"Family Responsibilities Discrimination: Everything You Need to Know," California Employment Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, Pasadena, CA October 3, 2008.


"Family Responsibilities Discrimination: Lessons for the Use of the Role of Stereotyping Evidence and Implicit Bias in Employment Cases," Hastings Law Journal and Center for WorkLife Law Symposium, San Francisco, CA, February 8, 2008. "Overcoming 'Inference Blindness' in Hidden Bias Cases," National Employment Lawyers Association Annual Convention, San Juan, PR June 29, 2007.


"Retaliation Update: Comparing Burlington Northern v. White and Yanowitz v. L'Oreal," California State Bar Labor & Employment Section Annual Meeting, San Jose, CA October 27, 2006.


"Beyond Stereotypes: Discovering & Proving Hidden Bias in Employment Cases -- Framing the Issues for Litigators," National Employment Lawyers Association Seminar, Washington, DC October 2006.


“When Advances in Social Science Challenge the "Folk Psychology" Embedded in the Legal Paradigm of Employment Discrimination, What's a Practitioner to do?" California Employment Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA September 15, 2006.


"Can Employers Enforce Stereotypes?" National Employment Lawyers Association Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA June 25, 2006. "Understanding "Sex Plus" Discrimination and Gender Stereotypes at Work," Feminist Magazine, KPFK interview, September 28, 2005.


"How Stereotypes and Microinequities Undermine Gender Equity Initiatives," Swissnex workshop on Managing Equity in Swiss and American Universities, San Francisco, CA July 2005.


"Breaking Down Barriers in the Workplace: Stereotyping and Gender Discrimination," National Employment Lawyers Association Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA June 2005.


"Make Room at the Top: Getting to the Heart of Women's Exclusion from Science and the Professions," Institute for Women's Policy Research Eighth International Women's Policy Research Conference, Washington, DC June 2005.


"Stereotyping and Gender Discrimination," The Bar Association of San Francisco, San Francisco CA October 6, 2004.


"Helping Along the Emerging Social Consensus that Implicit Bias Creates Actionable Discrimination: Making the Concepts Operational," California Employment Lawyers Association and Equal Rights Advocates joint seminar held at Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA and University of California Los Angeles, April 22 and September 28, 2004.


"Equity, Climate and the Law," presented at "Women in Astronomy II: Ten Years After" conference held at Caltech, Pasadena, CA June 27-28, 2003.


Conference Convener, "Higher Education Roundtable: Creating Gender Equity in Academia," Equal Rights Advocates Higher Education Legal Advocacy Project, held at Mills College, Oakland CA February 1, 2003.


"The Culture of Inequity in Academia: Fighting Gender Discrimination in the University Setting," American Association of University Women meeting held at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA February 19, 1994.


"Mechanisms of Discrimination in the Academic Review Process," Testimony before the California State Assembly Committee on Education, San Francisco, CA October 25, 1990.


"Discrimination in Academic Employment," State Bar of California Labor and Employment Section meeting, San Diego, CA October 19, 1990.